Shortlist of our work

Here is a collection of some of the websites created, maintained, or hosted by BridgeTown Hosting Co.  There may also be examples here of projects for which BridgeTown provided initial website setup and training, as part of our Consulting Service.

What is meant by “maintained by…” ?
BridgeTown is small and flexible –willing to do whatever it takes to keep your website doing what it should.  Services include:

  • Updating Code and Content
  • Site Anti-Hacking, Security Monitoring, Threat Scanning
  • Multiple Servers (Acting as a backup system when your host is down)
  • Cloud backups (automatically back up website to a secondary server)
  • Search Engine Optimization and Marketing (increase visitors to website)
  • Site Statistics (tools to track website effectiveness)

Often clients come to us with an existing website in desperate need of upkeep.  Sometimes this involves an aesthetic overhaul but we do much more than face lifts.  Other times a customer has lost their webmaster and only needs someone to do some minor touch-ups or a bit of regular maintenance.   It is not uncommon for poorly constructed websites to fall victim to hackers.  Malicious, automated programs are constantly prowling the Internet for websites with security weakness that can be exploited.  Websites can quickly become engines for distributing spam or hijacked for even more nefarious purposes, such as coordinated attacks on other servers.

BridgeTown Hosting

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